The structure of water / by Alexander Nikolis

Many times when I see landscape photographs that include water in the composition, the water is often smoothed out by a very long exposure. This is certainly a very beautiful way to capture it and makes for a very calm mood in the photo. For a more dramatic effect, I recommend that instead of smoothing out the water completely, one can take the challenge to capture the patterns and shapes that the water creates, that only last for a fraction of a second. You'd be surprised to see what you may manage to capture. 

Look at the water for some time until you have started to see the patterns that it creates, how the stream flows and the waves break. The thing is, even if water moves and changes faster than anything else in the landscape, it's still a fundamental part of nature and therefore I want to include it as such in my photos. I then compose the photo with regards to the structures and patterns that the hard, static rock forms together with the flowing, ever-changing water. Then I choose a shutter speed that smoothes out the flow of the water, but still captures the unique shapes that appear, may it be tiles, swirls, splashes or whatever we imagine.

Photos are taken in Abisko, Sweden, September 2016



Tile pattern in both rock and water.