Welcome to the Cosplay portfolio!

Cosplay, which stands for "Costume Play", is the act of wearing a costume that resembles a character, either an already existing or personal.

Cosplay photography is the genre that practically got me interested in portraiture. Before I began photographing Cosplay, I was generally very socially anxious and afraid to photograph people for purposes other than documentation. Cosplay photography is fun, social, imaginative, and very forgiving since the participants on both sides of the camera may be friends sharing a similar interest, and the act of cosplaying is usually not commercial, meaning there is more space for trial and error. As the represented characters often have stories that one may recreate to create fun and expressive photographs, this also results in an expanded field of creative possibilities to learn and experiment with. Last but not least one often works surrounded by friends, which makes it even more fun! Cosplay photography has been a key factor in my learning of portrait photography.