En annan del av befolkningen

Afandou is a small town located on the east coast of Rhodes, Greece. By the sea outside the town is Rhodes's longest beach, which together with the town attracts many tourists. Afandou is a peaceful little town, but obviously has its backsides.

In the shadow of the everyday life, another small group of inhabitants lurk around. Their shadows can be seen for a short moment during the night. Their yelling echoes through the streets. During the days they hide under trash containers, in the sewers, or they sun gaze on top of cars.

Stop and look for a moment.

Just as the faces of us humans can express the history of a whole life, so do their faces and glistening eyes. A few of them have a home to return to, whereas others can't keep their heads up. We can't speak their language, but can we read their expressions? Take a look and see for yourself.

Most of the cats seen in the photos are homeless, but not all. Some have the tip of their ear cut, showing that they have been neutered through a TNR program.

Part 2 (2014) is located further down on the page. A part 3 (2015) will come this summer.


part 2 (2014)

Photographing cats on Rhodes has definitely become a personal tradition! Many of the cats from the previous year can indeed be recognized in this year's photos. Many of the cats I met a year ago were small kittens back then, and now it's a joy to see them being grown up!
This year I spent more effort into the light and compositions of the photos.

Part 3 (2015)